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Walking Dead Paintball Maze


The fun continues!

This and Next weekend, It's not too late to get in on the fun!


Location: London Bridge Resort at the tennis courts area, next to Kokomo's bar

Click the button to buy tickets Online!


You can also just show up and purchase tickets in person using Cash, Credit or Debit cards!


Ticket Prices What you get!
$10 Paintball Gun, Paintball Ammo & Entrance to the Maze

Behind the Scenes Tour! (Before 5PM each day)

Your chance to see how the CGI effects and animated creatures work! .

(No paintball gun or ammo included with this option.)

$15 Paintball Gun, Even More Paintball Ammo & Entrance to the Maze
$29.99 All You Can Hunt Zombie Pass - Good for All-Day going through the Zombie Maze. Hours of fun, one low price!

Kids 10 and Under get in FREE with an Adult!



Tickets NOW on sale! Click the Button above!



This is an interactive maze! You have a paintball gun and you must shoot zombies to end the spreading infection! Will you run from the zombies or stop them cold in their tracks and survive?

Walking Dead Maze is a chilling walk through where the twisted experiments in the asylum were buried and long forgotten. People have reported seeing unexplainable creatures rising from the grave; Legend has it that two ghosts appear and walk the maze seeking revenge. Local authorities have investigated and cannot confirm nor deny any paranormal activity. So take a walk through the maze and try not to scream and run!

People will hunt down and shoot paintballs at the zombies, the zombies will not shoot paintballs at the people!


A portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity and canned goods will be collected to assist our local food bank.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
1. What if I don't have a paintball gun?

You don't need one. We will give you one to use.


2. All ages?

Yes all ages welcome!

Children under 12 get a nerf gun to shoot but parents can go with them and use the paintball gun.


3. What if I don't want to use a paintball gun, but still want to go through the maze? Can I?

Yes can just go through the maze and have fun.


4. Where is the event?

In Lake Havasu City Arizona at the London Bridge Resort

(1477 Queens Bay, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403)


5. What if it rains?

You can still hunt zombies, they come out more in the rain. Zombies LOVE rain.


6. What is this for?

It's for fun and money goes to local charities, so come on out and show your support!


7. Are the zombies lame store-bought junk? No, they are Motion-Picture quality, like what you would see on the Walking Dead television show. The company that built the items and zombie suits for this event also builds stuff every year for Universal Studios Horror Nights, Knott's Scary Farm, Disney and for tons of other haunted attractions around the world!



The Great Burndini!


Come one, come all! Come and see the great Burndini (try to) withstand 999 thousand volts of electricity and then try to escape the death chair before he bursts into flames!

This is an amazing magic trick to see! Burndini will wow the audience with this death-defying trick, you won't want to miss it!

This Great Sideshow Freakout is only $2.00 OR 2 cans of food.

The two cans of food will be donated to the local food bank.


The Asylum

Open October 2014

In 1942 the US government experimented on creatures and humans at this very research facility located in the mohave desert.  This location was top secret and required government security clearance at the highest level.  While open, this unmarked facility experimented with radio active chemicals, live humans, corpses, animals, and extraterrestrial beings all of which have not been seen until today, that is if you’re brave enough to make it through...

The Asylum will be the first ever professional haunted house created and hosted in Lake Havasu City, AZ. 

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity and canned goods will be collected to assist our local food bank.

This haunted house will feature:

  • Behind the scenes, take a peek at how the creatures work every Saturday from 2 - 5 PM then the haunt opens at 6 PM for a scary good time...
  • 13 nights of Halloween entertainment
  • $100,000+ worth of professional movie and haunted house props
  • All effects designed by Hollywood special effects artists that specialize in makeup and realistic looking props
  • Custom built with state of the art animatronic props
  • Thrilling ghost illusions
  • Computer controlled prop items
  • Professional movie makeup done on every actor/actress

In addition to the listed features, further entertainment will be provided such as:

  • Lights on and behind the scenes tours
  • Non-scary guided tours created for children
  • Horror movies playing outside
  • Side attractions featuring Fiji Mermaid & Bigfoot
  • Be entertained while waiting in line with fire eaters and other freaks
  • Concession stands for food & drinks
  • Jump house for children
  • Screaming Contest October 13th with cash prize child under 12 and adult contest.
  • Pumpkin carving contest, scariest and funniest pumpkins, October 26th with cash prize child under 12 and adult contest.
  • Gelatin brain eating contest October 22nd with cash prize child under 12 and adult contest.
  • Glow stick night October 23rd and 30th. Only you, a glow stick and a friend go through with no guide, as you try to find your way out...
  • Costume contest October 31st with cash prize child under 12 and adult contest.


13 days

Guess who just checked into the Asylum...

Hours of fun, one low price!

999 dead, are you next?

Just some of the creatures that are waiting for you...

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