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Halloween Fest!

The largest halloween party in the area, with two haunted houses (the aslium and mirror mirror maze, animated creatures, ghost projections... games, ghost story area, Halloween children movies, food booths and more!






The Asylum

Open October 2014

In 1942 the US government experimented on creatures and humans at this very research facility located in the mohave desert.  This location was top secret and required government security clearance at the highest level.  While open, this unmarked facility experimented with radio active chemicals, live humans, corpses, animals, and extraterrestrial beings all of which have not been seen until today, that is if you’re brave enough to make it through...

The Asylum will be the first ever professional haunted house created and hosted in Lake Havasu City, AZ. 

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity and canned goods will be collected to assist our local food bank.

This haunted house will feature:

  • Behind the scenes, take a peek at how the creatures work every Saturday from 2 - 5 PM then the haunt opens at 6 PM for a scary good time...
  • 13 nights of Halloween entertainment
  • $100,000+ worth of professional movie and haunted house props
  • All effects designed by Hollywood special effects artists that specialize in makeup and realistic looking props
  • Custom built with state of the art animatronic props
  • Thrilling ghost illusions
  • Computer controlled prop items
  • Professional movie makeup done on every actor/actress

In addition to the listed features, further entertainment will be provided such as:

  • Lights on and behind the scenes tours
  • Non-scary guided tours created for children
  • Horror movies playing outside
  • Side attractions featuring Fiji Mermaid & Bigfoot
  • Be entertained while waiting in line with fire eaters and other freaks
  • Concession stands for food & drinks
  • Jump house for children
  • Screaming Contest October 13th with cash prize child under 12 and adult contest.
  • Pumpkin carving contest, scariest and funniest pumpkins, October 26th with cash prize child under 12 and adult contest.
  • Gelatin brain eating contest October 22nd with cash prize child under 12 and adult contest.
  • Glow stick night October 23rd and 30th. Only you, a glow stick and a friend go through with no guide, as you try to find your way out...
  • Costume contest October 31st with cash prize child under 12 and adult contest.




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